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It is time to stop objectifying women

“I went from consumer to supplier” or “I'm going to buy a shotgun” I’ve heard men say either of these sentences as they were told they would father a baby girl. The father who sees himself as a supplier feels that his daughter is going to be used as an object, maybe as he sees and treats women. The father who sees himself as a protector recognizes that he lives in a society that looks at his daughter as an object for consumption. Both perspectives reveal the same fact, a society that objectifies women.

When I read the news of a man who bragged on social media that he had raped a young woman, I felt disgusted, sad and angry. Unfortunately, we still live in a society that boasts strength, achievement, results, we give stage to those who dominate, to those who have more, sometimes without questioning the means. We, men, women and anyone in between, we are victims of a patriarchal system that exalts the masculine. But this over-valorization diminishes us all, reduces us to disrespect and dehumanization. All in the name of fame, victory, and the recognition of others.

The man who raped this young woman was not satisfied with his ill ”action”, his satisfaction came from bragging, that’s why he did it. He wanted to be seen as strong, the one who dominates, who succeeds... the goal is to do what gives him the prize, and the prize is to feel more than what he feels he is. His need is to feel valued and that's why we lose sight of what matters.

A daughter is seen as an object of consumption for others. What relationship will this man have with his young daughter? How much will this father invest in this relationship? What does the young woman feel about herself? At no fault of her own and unaware of the social dynamics, a young girl just needs to be seen and valued as a whole human being. How can she relate to a father who does not know how to see her for who she is? This problem is serious enough long before the crime of rape happens. The crime needs to be punished as it is possible to change the reality of a society. We need focus and responsibility, we need courage to question the roles we play and the choices we make on a daily basis. But we must all do something today.


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