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About me

Life Coaching

5 values that guide my existence:

That I may serve!

This is my university's motto but it was my personal motto way before that. It started by giving me purpose but today my sense of serving comes from a place that knows that what I do is the way I communicate with the universe. 

Value people

I value people because I know we all want a better world, and it is possible. Once we live in acceptance and authenticity we overcome. 

Value growth and learning
It started by being an addiction in search of recognition. Now I value growth because it brings me inner peace. Learning about myself as nature, my human system, is learning I am constantly changing. Allowing myself to grow shows me I have more space for life and therefore more to give.

Value connections
As an introvert on the cusp of an extrovert I need to feel connected, I treasure those who are in my life and at the same time I can’t do small talk. I connect on a deep level with anyone who is willing to connect with me in this dance that life is.

Value inner peace
Looking back I see I’ve been valuing the same things forever, each value has changed form but ultimately it was leading me to be at home with myself to recognize the vibrant energy that constitutes me and to feel this inner peace that everything is alright. 

Education & Training

B Ed. Education, Maria Ulrich, Lisbon, Portugal

BA Communication Theories, Virginia Tech, Virginia, EUA

MA Master Public International Affairs, Virginia Tech, Virginia, EUA

Certificate with Distinction in life-coaching, Manchester, UK

Certificate Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner and later Master Practitioner, London, UK

Certificate of Training the Trainers, London, UK

"I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in the darkness, the astonishing light of your own being."


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