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Life Coaching works when you simply allow yourself to stop fighting. We all have learned to fight life to make it work and fighting worked to bring us here and we know that is not all. It is just like swimming: you need practice to master it and you need to understand the nature of water. If you fight where you are, you will swallow water, lose track of where you and you risk drowning yourself. When you understand that sometimes all you have to do is allow life to do its thing, you relax into it, you learn to let go a little and let water support you, then you move along with less stress, more effectively and sometimes effortlessly.


When you stop fighting life, you stop wasting your energy in what is outside your control really. You then have all that energy to create your own really. You turn to yourself and notice that you are the one that gives meaning to events and situations. You also expand your perspective and in this way learn new strategies, tactics and tools that support you. The work is more a practice that reminds you to work in the direction of your nature and essence. 


The beauty of this work is that it allows us to just be who we really are. Just like in water, sometimes you do not have to do anything, just be who you already are and let water do its thing. 


I believe that one day we'll know how be ourselves truly and to use our energy to our benefice. Until then we need some practice to stop fighting life. 

“Allow love to be the field that supports you”
Matt Licata


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