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I am very grateful for everything I learn with my clients and the ways we pioneer together.

My clients, are people ready and willing to see themselves fully. People who wish to live life in its fullness. My clients are people looking for tools to remember who they are and how they can create their realities in a more conscientious and beneficial way. These are the ones who want to find their true essence to live life more fully and wholesome.


My clients are people who want to know themselves better and to learn how to benefit from everything that happens on their journey.

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"In sessions with Angela essentially I gained clarity or consciousness - awareness. The sessions gave me the opportunity to hear myself, and to stop and look with fresh eyes to situations that had never considered from the past. This listening time brought me clarity and authenticity, the way I want to live with myself and others."

Madalena Carvalho

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"When I started working with Angela, I realized that I had a very one-sided approach to life. I was very career focused with fixed financial goals. Angela helped me open the door to many other aspects of my mind that, until then, I had left unopened. Now I feel I'm becoming an enriched person happier and more complete ... and there is still so much to discover! Growing up in this way allowed me to set a new course for myself."

Markella Mikkelsen, Ph.D. (owner of MM Property and author of "The Entrepreneur Within")

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"With life coaching I finally found tools that allow me to overcome the obstacles of the day-to-day in an easier and faster way. One of my goals is to always keep a smile, my good humor and be calm. In times of crisis these goals are even more precious, so coaching has been very valuable to me. I strongly recommend it to all of who want to change something."

Sofia M. S.

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"With Angela I gained a multitude of skills to manage life, situations, events, and emotions. I gained mental tools to pursue life in much more quiet, more assertive and aware way. I gained attention and focus to me. It is an immense privilege to have Angela on our journey."

Filipa C. Moura

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"What do I receive in the process of the sessions is that the fact we speak and repeat things it moves us further, at least in me, a lot of the negativity that could carry on, goes away and gives place to greater clarity and peace, it seems the sky opens up and everything becomes brighter. "


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"From the first day I spoke with Angela I knew nothing would be the same. How way she motivated me and believed in me it reawakened the hope of being happy. I was very agitated, anxious and feeling powerless. My life seemed a mistake to me and nothing could help fix it. Then I started this process and unknowingly also started the largest, most intense and profound adventure to my interior. It was the past that was to holding me back, but the present, the way I was, looked at and thought of life. Everything changed when I changed. My heartfelt thanks to Angela, who guided me, shared her wisdom and experience with me and led me to the discovery of Peace within."

Carla Vaqueiro

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"Working with Angela has been very important to me. One of the difficulties in my life has been making decisions and with Angela's support I learned that any decision I make can be the right decision for me once I think and analyze the implications. Angela has been fantastic, exemplary, her availability and generosity have been very important in difficult times. her positive attitude and determination encouraged me to believe in myself and that I can be who I want to be."

M. Garcia

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"In less than a month Angela had a profound effect in my life. I struggled with remorse and guilt for over 20 years and talking to Angela and after a remark in particular, something clicked in me and I finally could see a positive side for what I had been through. I'll never be able to thank her enough, but with her natural intuition, I think she already knows how grateful I am. "


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"The good thing about the sessions is that forces a person to think of questions that usually we do not think about. Not only to think in the abstract, but to summarize, to set priorities, to evaluate the behavior, to reflect how we can be different. On the other hand, verbalization of all these thoughts makes them more real and more achievable. It gives me a sense that, in fact, I can control my way of being, my attitudes, my feelings. This control gives me confidence and the will to be better."

Sandra Gomes

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"Hope and a plan. I had hoped, but I felt that my life was not going in a the direction for the realization of my dreams, basically because I had no real plan. I was in "standby mode". Angela's openly non-judgemental way of being allowed me to open up and trust, which gave me that gentle but firm push to take me from the "just talk" to the "walk/act." I've always been fascinated by people who are able to "reinvent" themselves and dreamed of doing the same. But there is no reason to do it yourself. Thank you, Angela, for your professional guidance. Each session left me stronger!"

Maria da Luz

"Love changes everything by leaving everything unchanged"

Jeff Foster

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