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"To err is human..."

“To err is human…”

There’s nothing wrong with that

The wrong becomes a huge mistake only if you miss out the lesson. So be human, embrace your wrongness, your mistakes, your flaws, your misguided ideals... use it all as a reminder that life is a dance and as bad as it might make you feel, it is only here for exactly that, to help you feel… for you to feel without becoming it. You’ve made a mistake, yes, own it, accept it, but you are not a mistake. You’re so much more than the mistake you’ve made. Only mistakes can show you that. Surviving a mistake, being here to tell it to the world, to honor it, own it as yours yes, like you own a piece of clothing you wear. It serves a purpose even if for the season it was designed for. To be human is the art of dancing in the transient of the err. And then just like that you realize there’s nothing ultimately wrong ever, and you became forever grateful for your humanness.

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