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Seeking inner peace?

The mind will ask you to do something else, find a way, show the world how clever you are, how much more you are… the mind only wants to take you away from the discomfort, the restlessness… the mind will do everything, it plays tricks on you, it lies, anything to give you the short bursts of the promise that you’ll feel peace. The mind is like a comercial, promising you that if you buy the product your life as you know it will improve exponentially. It’s just an ad.

See it for what it is. Know what’s in front of you here, right there looking back at you. Recognise it, name it, if you have to, but no name is needed, let it be what is, let it rest in your awareness. Don’t fight it, don’t abandon it either by trying to ignore it, pretend it’s not there or change it.

Remember your brilliance, your wisdom comes from acceptance, comes from surrender to what is, your greatness can only be in your essence. So, let what’s here just be. Let it show up in the shape it so chooses now. Receive it with space, with kindness and grace. Sit with it, knowing it is already allowed, there’s room for it here, let it just be and in this you’ll know peace, for peace is the space it all happens. Then you will know what to do.

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