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Whatever happens, no matter what

Stay true, Love always, love forever!

If the form love shows up, is hurtful,

If it brings you pain more than ever,

Stop, rest in your body, listen, feel,

Stay closer to your own heart beat.

Hold it! Honor what’s here to heal.

Embrace what’s true, don’t be blind.

Protect yourself when/if you have to.

Create boundaries while being kind.

Move away or keep a safe distance.

Do not make excuses for a behavior.

Forgive yourself, ask for assistance.

But no matter what, just remember,

What hurts is the experience itself.

Or just a human acting the ofender.

LOVE, essence itself, does not hurt!

Don’t mistake love for anything else.

Turn inwards notice what’s the alert.

Whatever happens, no matter what,

Love more, Love always, love forever!

For LOVE is what you are, here now!

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