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When your best isn’t good enough

When your best isn’t good enough

You give the best you have to offer, you’re proud of yourself as you are practicing everything you believe and have been working for. You achieved what everyone told you you never would, you overcame every obstacle, you got the trophy, you continued even when it seemed impossible. You pushed yourself above and beyond. You’re open and honest, you’re kind and loving, you respect and forgive, you elevate and encourage, you support and accept fully. Only to find out that your best isn’t good enough. You are judged and criticised. You’re hurt and disappointed, you feel like a fool for starting it in the first place. You blame yourself and question your best. Please take full responsibility but don’t question your best, just receive the gift of rejection of you. Be grateful for it, as it is a gift of the universe, a gift of protection, a gift of opportunities and possibilities. Embrace your best as it is only not good enough for those who reject it.

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