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A 3 years old asked to see my broken finger. I showed it to her and after a good look she said, " oh, it’s still broken!" I thought it was funny but the more I think of it, the more I understand her point. Don't we do the same in life? Don't we expect everything to get fixed, sorted, healed, gone, back to "normal" again? What would happen if we knew that our broken whatever, will most likely keep some sort of a scar?

Just stop and ask yourself?

1. What would happen if I knew that my broken heart, will keep some sort of a scar?

2. Where do I carry scars that I expect them to go away?

Yes, physically, it is possible to disguise them, to soften them, to cover them up. But the skin can only do so much.

What about emotionally? Did you have a broken heart once? What scars do you carry? Are you expecting your heart to be back to its original? Or are you still amazed; “oh, it’s still broken!" not in the same way, of course, but you know it will never be the same again.

My finger no longer presents an open fracture, it has been glued and stitched, the nail has grown back somewhat. Is the finger the same as before I broke it? No! It is slightly crooked, it carries a scar, it has a different sensitivity, it pulls with some movements… it just feels different.

These unrecognized scars are only triggers that most often we don’t even acknowledge as the true reasons we react in a certain way. So take a moment to collect your scars. Recognize them. Recognize where and when are these scars pushing your buttons. It is your scars not the situation in front of you. Just look closely.

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