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Falling face down

This was the year I fell face down first

Accidents happen but this was no ordinary accident. I thanked for it even before it happened.

I was grateful for the experience knowing that only this amazing experience could bring me back to mySELF. I knew I was falling because I had believed a thought. I know better, I know that thoughts need to be verified well. When we verify thoughts we know we only find what we already know.

So, I prostituted mySelf! I sold my SELF out for a fantasy. We often do, we’ve learned to do it and we do it well. We sell ourselves in the illusion that we can, be seen, fit in, be accepted, loved, valued, belong… I sold mySELF because I believed I would miss out, loose something if I was me.

The problem is once we abandone ourSELVES, and once we stop being present, whatever we are selling ourselves out for, becomes taken over by shame, guilt, grief, anger, fear, pain, resentment etc. When we abandon ourselves we end up missing out on what we sold ourselves for. Ironic, isn't it?

I'm so grateful for falling down, it has rescued me of mySELF.

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