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Pain is inevitable

Pain is inevitable

It is said that as humans, pain is inevitable

we have a body it will hurt at some point.

It is also said that suffering is a choice,

but it is a choice we’ve learn to make unconsciously.

We reproduce old patterns, thought processes,

old believes that we inherit before we knew about it.

We adopt meanings through family and culture,

and we learn to comply, to aspire, to repeat

the same meanings, constructs, and behaviours.

If I’ve learned to believe that when I worry, it

says something about the quality of my character,

it can say I care, I have a heart, I’m a good person…

I start connecting worrying with being a worthy being.

I will never stop worrying, actually I’ll worry more each day.

Just so I can feel I’m a good person. I care about …

Even though I cannot avoid pain, either physical or emotional

I can for sure be aware of the suffering my belief system causes by not seeing itself fully.

How are you causing your own suffering?

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