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Listen to your body

Listen to your body

Your body is wise and saves information your mind didn’t have the ability to understand or process.

stay close, your body is designed to move through every attack, every pleasure, every experience.

When developmental trauma raises, be kind to yourself, stay present only to the extend of your ability to experience it safely. Ask for help, having a trustworthy compassionate friend, a coach, a therapist, someone to witness you, to hold space for you, to see and respect you in this place in your experience. This process is extremely delicate and vulnerable so choose wisely. You need someone that can see what your body has stored, you need someone who understands that what you feel is not equal to what you think or know intellectually. Don’t expose your vulnerably to someone that can reinforce your trauma. Protect yourself while you work it through gently and at the pace that is possible for you. One step at a time, small steps can take you far.

Your body is wise, wisdom is beyond logic, the body is designed for survival.

Listen to your body

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