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Is there anything in your life (or more than one) that you can’t seem to say no?

Either it is food or adventure, shopping or success, exercise or making people feel good…

Either it is a basic need, an emotion, a belief, an expectation, a habit or a value...

Humans tend to give something else (outside of themselves) the power to make them feel they exist.

Eating, for example, it tasted good so it gives us pleasure and we eat more than we need…

We do it over and over again, (not for survival) but we indulge because it makes us feel we exist.

Tasting brings us back to our bodies to sense, it creates emotions, it awakens something dormant.

For each of our insatiable behaviors, the mind has very reasonable sociable acceptable explanations

Each one true and valid, each one a good reason to not even question it any further.

But, allow me to invite us for an exploration of what’s there, no judgment, no change needed,

Let’s identify these insatiable behaviors, just observe yourself in a curious way, that’s all.

What do you notice?

Physically, what becomes alive in you just as you the think of it, even before you do it?

Emotionally, what do you feel, what’s awaken that wasn’t there the moment before?

Mentally, pay attention to the thoughts, the images, the promises behind it.

Notice it before you do it, as you are about to do it, when you are doing it, and after

what makes you do this again? In the case of food, sometimes, to the point of discomfort…

What is it, what is this search, what is this calling, what is this force?

Could it be yourself, your essence, your being, life itself?

Could this eagerness to feel you exist, this search of aliveness be in you already?

Insatiable? Are you? Or is is just insatiable when looking outside for what is who you are?

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