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Honor your family by honoring yourself

Family get togethers can be "interesting"

It's the perfect time to practice what we know best

In every fruitful structure what works is a well carved dance between what we have in common and what differentiates us. It is this dance that defines a successful harvest, a successful business and a successful relationship.

So for your next get together, honor your family by honoring yourself.

Turn to yourself. What makes you, You? That is what you have to bring/give to your family.

For fruition we need to be the best at who and what we are so we truly contribute

Yes, we need to know the dance. With nature's crops, it is often what's missing, change, and discomfort that accelerates growth and creation. The right proportions are not fixed, they change with seasons, duration, weather etc.

So for your next get together honor your family by honoring yourself

Know where you are and what's true to you in the moment. Knowing yourself emotionally allows you to accept what is true and real for you here. In this acceptance rests the secret power of your decision on how to act, how to respond to others, how to behave, what to say or not to say, even how to feel about it. When you recognize this power in you, it is always your decision... you can be at peace no matter what. You accept what's here (for you emotionally) and with this in mind you decide. Let's say you're feeling not seen, not respected, not valued. Knowing and accepting this can be the opportunity to ask for what you want in a (respectful) way that reflects who you are and what you value. When you don't connect with this emotion first, when you don't honor it, this emotion will still react but without your awareness of it, often in ways that you wish you didn't

So, for your next get together, honor your family by honoring yourself

When we skip this step, of knowing and accepting ourselves fully, we don't really decide.

Either we react instinctively, unconsciously triggered by old stories and old wounds, or we ignore our choice in the process and react focusing on circumstances and others which we cannot change anyway.

So for your next get together, honor your family by honoring yourself

Observe yourself, in your body, what's happening right now?

What voices come up with that?

What meanings are you giving to it all?

What choices are you making?

Know yourself as if you had never seen yourself, with curiosity and kindness.

In this way, in your wholeness, in this moment, in the vastness of possibilities, in this decision, rests the most precious gift you can ever have to offer.

So, for your next get together, honor your family by honoring yourself

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