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Celebrate whatever you feel like it, but please

Celebrate what is true and real for you

Celebrate this inhale and exhale, this vast wave of emotions,

Celebrate what’s here for you now

Celebrate the fact you’re making this feeling wrong or right

Celebrate your need to only want the “right” one

Celebrate You as wholeness and vastness

Celebrate your human condition in the body in this moment

Celebrate your fears, your shame and your guilt for it all

Celebrate that you can actually feel them too

Celebrate your sadness, your cowardice and weaknesses,

Celebrate your apathy and your judgement of each one

Celebrate your insufficiencies and your unworthiness

Celebrate your courage and your ability to accept it all

Celebrate your fight, your running away, your lies to save face,

Celebrate your joy, your love, your passions

Celebrate the fact that all the reasons to celebrate are just thoughts

Celebrate the fact that thoughts are no reason to celebrate

Celebrate yourSelf in this moment

You don’t celebrate it all because you like it all

but because you recognise you are none of it

and in this recognition, you see You are all of it too

and that indeed is to be celebrated!

Celebrate that and everything else is celebrated too


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