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Children's gifts

Being around children can be a huge invitation to practice, to connect with the deepest in us.

Children remind us of who we used to be, our innocence, our beauty, openness, desires and dreams. They can bring us to our past only to fish out what is permanent and alive now. They can also trigger us and allow our fears and traumas to be seen, what a great opportunity to truly recognize and embrace them. Either way it is a gift to connect to our timelines.

Seeing ourselves as children, digging deep into what we once thought was lost…

Being able to bring that back to the present moment and breath it all in again

When the past is in the present moment, we dress the part as adults. In playing the role we also see how fake our rules and norms are, how so futile and superficial. Artifacts used only keep us in the illusion that we have things under control that we know what we are doing and for what reason. How ironic!

The beauty of being in touch with our timeline is also to be reminded that everything we do we do it to ourselves, to our future selves. I love the question; “What would your future self want you to do now?” or in my language, “What is my old self, in my death bed, asking of me now?” When children remind me of my future self, expressed in my hopes and dreams for them, I am reminded of the greater importance to not tell them but to show them through who I am here now. What she’ll do with it, it is for her only to know. My commitment remains to my future. What do I want to see at my deathbed? Sometimes I see it in my dreams.

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