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The Practices of Being Here:  A deep dive

Whatever you are longing for? Practice Being Here 


These 8 weeks are the scaffolding where the practices are allowed to become alive. When Life doesn’t go according to plan, your old roadmap no longer delivers results. The old set of rules and strategies do grow with you. 


That’s why these practices are alive, these are practices that upgrade and change with us, with life. 

Freedom is not given to us by anyone; 

we have to cultivate it ourselves. 

It is a daily practice… 

No one can prevent you from being aware of 

each step you take or each breath in and breath out. 


Thich Nhat Hanh


Week 1 - Oct 6th


As the recognition of what is happening - Seeing acceptance this way changes the way I see facts. Then we must ask, if this is so, how can I use this information to my benefit? 

Week 2 - Oct 13th 

Turn to YourSelf 

If you like to explore, this is the ultimate expedition. The inner world of your Self. Turning to our inner world is a needed practice that can save us from our inner wars. 

Turn to yourself.jpg
Move in three languages.jpg

Week 3 - Oct 20th 

The 3 languages 

Body language, emotional language and mental language. Even though these languages are highly connected, it is helpful to break it into easier bite sizes to chew on. The body speaks and keeps memories, it is important to listen. Emotions are so fluid that learning its many tonalities can help us be with what arises. Our minds are so proliferated yet most of us go through life mindlessly. 

Week 4 - Oct 27th 

Zoom in and zoom out 

Zoom in and zoom out is the easier way I know to shift perspective to feel more empowered and to expand my awareness. It is an easy practice. 

zoom in and zoom out.jpg
Let it flow.jpg

Week 5 - Nov 3rd 

Let it flow 

It might sound like a cliché, but if everything is energy, movement is at the essence of everything, let it flow is only remembering and reconnecting, respecting the nature of our existence. 

Week 6 - Nov 10th 


Most of us resist, wasting our energy preventing what is already, we react in a fight or flight mode when sometimes surrendering is not reacting automatically and be mindful of what is possible in this dance. 

Come back here.jpg

Week 7 - Nov 17th 

Come Back Here

Life is about coming back here, starting anew. A dance requires stepping again and again right here on the dance floor. Come back to this moment, come back here and notice. 

Week 8 - Nov 24th 

Rewrite your Dance 

Here, I see myself anew, my uniqueness and the preciousness of this moment. The only moment of choice, the only moment of power, right Here. Only by Being Here can I rewrite my own moves and create a new dance that is aligned with who I truly am in this moment. 

Re write your dance.jpg

You will get:

one hour live call a week 

one audio with tips sent over email 

one worksheet

Thank you for signing up!

Join me for an info YouTube live call on Wed., Sept. 22nd at 5pm EST 


Types of registrations:


1 - How can I know more about this course?

Join a live on Upanji Youtube on September 22nd at 5pm where I will introduce the topic and each practice. There will be space for questions, comments and your requests of what areas of your life you want to explore more. 


2- Do I need to have read the book Getting There by Being Here, Life’s Invitations to Dance? 

No, everyone is welcome. Of course if you want to read chapter 8 ahead of time that will also be another resource that can give you additional benefits, but it is not required. 


3 - How do I sign up? 

If you are ready to sign up just click this link 

If you want to sign up for individual sessions 

Here are the dates with links 

Week 1 - Oct 6th  - Acceptance 

Week 2 - Oct 13th - Turn to YourSelf 

Week 3 - Oct 20th - The 3 languages 

Week 4 - Oct 27th - Zoom in and zoom out 

Week 5 - Nov 3rd - Let it flow 

Week 6 - Nov 10th - Surrender 

Week 7 - Nov 17th - Come Back Here

Week 8 - Nov 24th - Rewrite your Dance 

4 - What if I can’t attend the weekly live class? 

The audio class with the teaching per practice is going to be shared weekly via email. The live class will only reinforce the teachings and open up for discussion and questions on how to apply and dive deeper into a specific personal situation. For protection of your privacy and to respect each individual story the live calls will not be shared with anyone. You will have the information previously in audio and if you can’t attend I’m happy to answer your personal questions over email. 


5 - What if during the live class I do not feel comfortable sharing my questions? 

You have the option of adding private 50 min calls to support you. I respect who you are and where you are. It has been my frequent experience that when I ask a question during a retreat or workshop,  there’s always someone who will approach me later to share their story and how similar that is and how important it was that I asked my question. I believe if I am going through some difficulty, someone else has either had that experience, is going through a similar situation or later will find themselves in that position. So, every question serves everyone that is the beauty of the energy created by a group. 


6 - How does the course work?

We start with a live intro to everything that will be covered in the 8 weeks on a Youtube live on September 22nd. Every Sunday I will send an audio with the material of the practice for that week along with a worksheet to support your homeplay. On Wednesday at 5pm ET there will be a live class to help us dive deeper into specific situations. If you choose to have private 50 min calls to support you, I will let you choose at what time during the 8 weeks you will book your session. 


7 - Who is this for? 

This 8 weeks is for anyone who knows that there is something that is not flowing in your life

To anyone who is ready to take responsibility for your own part in creating your reality.

Everyone who is exhausted from following some old script created by someone else about what life should look like. 

The practices are for all who long to feel free for freedom comes with self-awareness. 

 Everyone who recognizes that life is constantly changing and I can’t choreograph my life. 


8 -  Who is this not for?

You can still attend if this applies but you will find it challenging if you:

Are looking for recipes, for ready scripts to follow.

believe that your value comes from your possessions or status, money or any other factor. 

are not ready to question your own inner roadmap, your own inherited beliefs and values.

only want the world to be black or white and nothing in between. 

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