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We can all be Super Heroes

Traditionally we have been raised to admire supernatural heroes.

The fearless who fight and conquer even the most unimaginable,

Superheroes are very special beings with extraOrdinary powers.

While the rest of us, we are ordinarily humans, we’re way below.

With a common ground, we bleed, feel pain, have fingers and toes.

Hero is the one that is brave enough to choose to follow one’s bliss.

The hero’s journey starts with an inner calling, a separation from...

Using curiosity and courage, accepting all the help one can muster.

Sometimes we get supportive teachers, but often these are just foes.

Regardless, if we’re alive, we’ll face some challenges, it’s guaranteed.

By testing our abilities, we summon all we’ve got and had missed.

Saying yes to the test, brings help that can take us out of the cluster.

Seeing what we couldn’t before, we recognise what the mirror shows.

Although not fully aware of what really happened, we got transformed.

We are no longer just the ordinary one, our super power became clear.

Just listen to the calling, accept it, ask for help, and face what is here.


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