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Turning obstacles into opportunities

Turning obstacles into opportunities

Obstacles appear only when we have an intention, and never before.

Most everything is already there but often we don’t see it as an obstacle,

but as soon as we set an intention, as soon as we have a goal, a desire, a wish…

what is there in front of us and has been, becomes an obstacle, restricts our move.

Not all obstacles are opportunities. It is not what happens that is the opportunity.

The opportunity arises when we ask ourself, what is our highest wish, or want to create?

This question allows us to move from the form, the obstacle, into our wish beyond form.

From here, we can look at what shows up as an obstacle but from a possibility perspective.

First, ask questions, don’t get stuck in the first meaning that shows up, that is often not ours.

Ask; What is this? What can I do with it? What can I learn with it? What’s possible for me?

This is how obstacles lose their power over us and become invitations for our real path.

Facing an obstacle? Focus on what you had asked for before, and see the obstacle beyond its form.


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