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Mothers are humans too

Mothers are not superheroes, they do too much, but still, they are just humans like all others. They do their best, and this is conditioned. Who they are is determined by their own experience. What was inherited, what was lived, the level of their ability to give

meaning at the time, their environment and support.

How was it all felt in the body before they even knew anything really?

Mothers give what they have, what they know her world needs, what was expected of them, they give what they wish they had and didn't, they give what they needed and wanted for themselves.

You, you inherit it all too, at the level it was possible for you to experience it. What did you live, what you made out of it all, before you knew much... That was before!

Now, your responsibility is to connect with what is yours. What rests in your body? How do you allow yourself to feel it as is? Your responsibility is to know what is yours, what is here. For what is here, is for you.

For when you become a mother you don't give your child what you needed and missed, you don't give what the world expects. You give what you can according to who and what your child needs right now.


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