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Loss Changes You

It removes all masks, emptying you of all that is fake.

It drags you to hell, leaving you believing it will be forever.

But all along loss shows you what you’re made of, for real.

Unaware and out of habit you fight back, but to no avail.

Unwillingly, out of exhaustion, you forget to argue back.

Unresourceful, mindless and senseless you want to die.

With no point of reference, you simply rest in the nothingness.

This is all life has been asking of you, stop fighting, turn inward.

Slowly, you start to notice the truth within every little symbol.

Your felt heaviness, is not made of matter, it’s weightless.

The darkness you felt as you is not the absence of light.

The endless emptiness inside, it is pure open vastness.

There, you embrace the invitation of the Cross and surrender,

allowing death to arrive, you’ve been asking to be resurrected.

The Star of David asks you to unify these two equal parts.

Like the Triskelion tempting you to see all the connections

noticing all is already beautifully included in the spirals of life.

The luring of the Dharma wheel, whispering; “keep walking the path”

Loss, makes us experience the complementarity of opposites.

Just as the Taijitu, the yin and yang, invites us to wholeness.

Loss is life’s tool, sacred cosmic creation, pure energy of OM.


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