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It's time...

Uncertainty is wildly spread, answers aren't reassuring anymore, but we know it is time. Some talk about the end of the world as we know it, others want to be back to "normal". Some people repeat almost in an uncontrollably way; "everything is going to be okay"! Others yet, deny or refuse all forms of evidences, dismissing numbers and data. Too much ambiguity and ambivalence, so many sources of informations, what to trust? Fear shows up in many forms, shaming, blaming, complaining, avoiding, and more... Being run by fear is as dangerous as being run by the fear of being afraid, it's all FEAR. It's time! Not to know what's right or wrong, but to embrace what is here in our bodies. It's time to embrace what this situation brings in us, be it fear, be it anger, or sadness... It's time, time to stop and listen to what is indeed real for us, what is ours now. All events, people and sensations, call for our attention to our most basic emotions. It's time to turn to our most natural, our most nature and it's physiological aspects. It's time to get curious about the pre-programmed systems running us unconsciously. It's time to fully accept who we are for this is the moment of change and transformation.


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