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I eat when I don't feel safe

I eat when I don't feel safe.

My practice is to pay attention and notice reactive behaviors, it is to turn inwards. Feel my heart beat. Pay attention to my thoughts as they start giving me quick and easy "answers", like such as go eat ...

Understanding my need to feel safe can explain a series of irrational and illogical reactions, such as eating when I'm not hungry or even worse ... These first images created by the mind, usually lead me to be ineffective, unhealthy and not safe. They appear to be so I quickly return to the known, the familiar feeling that brings me to certainty ... Watch someone doing this, it is easier to see in others than in ourselves.

Needing to feel safe, I lose the ability to be reflective, considerate, thoughtful ... I ignore important facts, refuse crucial information, I create easy and comfortable explanations for what I cannot understand. Struggling to understand, the mind instinctively creates a solution to get rid of the sensation, something that can bring my system back to comfort.

Understanding my need to feel safe allows me to look for beneficial, useful and healthy ways to get there. I turn to my practices, watch the sunrise, go to nature, and connect more with caring family and friends. I also consciously look for information from reliable sources to help me understand what is not easy for my mind to comprehend.

This paying attention, this turning inward, feeling the body's signs, fleeting emotions, remind me that here, I'm safe, the sun rises, my body is doing the best it knows how. The practice of questioning thoughts that create quick solutions to the sensation can save our lives and prevent wars. This practice frees me to make conscious choices and to act according to my values ​​and principles.

How do you understand your need to feel safe?


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