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I refuse

I refuse to...

I refuse to narrow my views of this world, to only see a tiny fraction of its multitude.

The world is far more than a binary model, the good or bad, perfect or imperfect…

I refuse the one size fits all. Definitions, as important as they can be, fail us deeply.

I refuse to diminish the whole, to see less by removing, even if it's the unpleasant.

To exchange it for an illusion that life lived in halves is better than an integral one.

Lies are appealing, so convincing in hiding parts, but lies reveal fear of wholeness.

I refuse to accept anything but wholeness… knowing too well, each piece belongs.

Not always easy, as it demands presence, it begs for inclusion, recognition of truth.

No exceptions or excuses, even if it hurts, even if it leaves me lost or wishing death.

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