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Separations and divorces

What a great opportunity to experience your real you.

The decision cannot be just rational, it emerges slowly.

It raises in a lightness of certainty, from inner knowing.

It is the body feeling, not with senses, those betray us.

The body decides through its imprint, its own wisdom.

Decisions raise as an inevitable request for inner-truth.

The world becomes livable again as this clarity returns.

The mind starts asking questions, as it is loosing ground.

What will happen in the future in this and that situations?

The question releases an avalanche of fears and emotions.

Horror scenarios jump out of the depth of old dungeons.

Everything you’ve been avoiding, your childish nightmares.

What can you trust if everything is changing and shifting?

Who can you turn to when your support is the one missing?

New doors reveal sides of you, and of the other, never seen.

Unexpected behaviors, that you’ve never believed possible,

Blame games, accusations, misunderstandings and doubts.

The discomfort begs to be resolved and find escape routes.

“Take me out of here” it screams in despair, but nothing can.

This is the golden opportunity, the mega millions of emotions.

Touch and taste them all, embrace each and every single one.

Here you rest, feeling tornned apart as the past got destroyed,

The future, you can’t even consider, it’s the complete unknown.

Now you know you only have yourself, here’s the real invitation.

Turn inwards, listen, trust life, it’s been begging for you too long.

The mind tries to run for safety, but “the known” is no longer safe.

It’s time to take a deep breath, it is time to not know, and yet stay.

Stay close to what is true, and remember what will never change.

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