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Eyes on the ball

Keep your eyes on the ball

Don’t take your eyes away or you’ll be a pawn in someone else’s game.

Neglect it for a millisecond, disconnect, and you will see yourself shrink.

Even if you have honourable intentions, forget it, you’ll miss out the aim.

This is all you have learned to do, fight for survival, it's the desirable drink.

Yet, you’re left exhausted, feeling empty not even knowing what to blame.

Turn inwards, listen, tune in, take a breath, see it all, recognise it all here.

What you’ll find is too much, conflicting facts, lots of lies and played tricks.

Stay close, connect with your inner knowing, don’t try to make it disappear.

At first it doesn’t feel safe, the world, this body cannot give you a quick fix.

You will feel scared, but don’t ignore it, there’s something you need to hear.

For if you don’t listen to your truth, you’ll not have lived, just come and gone.

So do not reduce yourself to what you believe you’re supposed to be, be you.

Live your truth, the world needs you, flaws and all, that is why you were born.

Not because you are better than anyone, but because your power is overdue.

So keep your eyes on the ball. Let your truth live as your breath and move on.

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