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What do I do

"What is it that you do?" people ask me

I say I’m a coach, I’m a life coach by training.

Some say I work in reverse, kind of backwards.

The knowledge of previous degrees are included.

The experiences of all the volunteer works is added.

The many workshops attended, the books, conversations...

The process is collaborative allowing a blend in a living dynamic.

I can say how I feel about my work, I guess it must be what a doula feels.

Being there before, during or after, to support, assist, invite for presence.

Sharing wisdom, experience and knowledge as requested and as needed.

Connecting through the rawest, simplest most natural painful movements.

Feeling and sensing what each heart bit is saying, whispering, asking for...

Encouraging others to remember their own presence, their own wholeness.

Assist the passage from a dependent existence to the birth of a fresh look...

What a privilege to be chosen for. What an honor to bear witness...

What a humbling experience it is. What a responsibility to be had.

What joy to experience this much life. A dream come true.

a heart’s wish, so well explained in Hafiz’s poem,

“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness

the astonishing light of your own being.”

There’s not enough gratitude to be offered for it is forever love!

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