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I say, don't be done!

I say do’t be done, just Be!

We hear, be smart, be done!

Whatever is happening here,

Regardless if pain or pleasure

You will be wasting your time.

Get it together, keep smiling!

Just post the photos, be done.

Can it be too much, too fast?

Do we know what “be done” is?

What can happen if we feel it?

How to give it space to digest?

Where’s the ability to integrate?

What is it we are truly looking for?

Get in, get out, we hear, be done.

Keep moving, and never do stop!

Resolve, forgive, and heal yourself.

Don’t even give it a second thought.

Either way, avoid experiencing it!

We're told, fix it, get over it, be done!

Imagine you did it, you are done.

What’s next, what is fresh, new?

You will just get more of the same.

Be done! The alluring false promise.

The next is just another opportunity.

One more chance for you to just BE!

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