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Make room for it all

Make room for it all Life is just perfection in action It rarely feels as such but it is. Our minds judge our results. Our hearts dream in fantasies. Our bodies contain the all truth!

The dance starts as a fight.

Mind over heart, body neglecting. Heart wins sometimes, rejoicing. Mind analyzes all the information,

celebrating its unforeseen victory. “I was right all along, I told you so!”

The body, by experiencing it all,

learns to accept and recognize

its own information as wisdom.

The body has it all stored inside. Tiny sensations so packed full of wisdom, acceptance, compassion. No judgement, but pure recognition of what is, just facts, information.

The body’s role is to experience life.

Feelings of exhilaration, acceptance,

rejection, sadness, joy, grief, desire,

shame, anger, apathy, passion, guilt,

pride, disgust, reason, fear, peace...

all are welcome, all come and go, the body registers in sensations, as a memory card storing what is.

When you’re experiencing the fight,

relax! Turn-inwards it, face it gently.

Ask yourself, what is here now? Sense, feel, listen to what’s in you, you know it is precious information.

Listen to your heart as you know

it contains the most beautiful request.

Get closer, stay in your body open,

notice it laughing out loud saying,

“it's all welcome, there’s no sides, we are vast and have room for it all”.

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