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The lowest of all emotions, the rock bottom of all falls.

Shame says, who I am is deeply flawed, wrong, unworthy.

Shame carries with it guilt, humiliation and embarrassment.

It prevents connection since it is soaked in unworthiness.

Shame is found to be linked with suicide and depression.

Addictions, anxiety, eating disorders, self-mutilation, grief,

hopelessness and violence are also deeply rooted in shame.

When shame is present there’s pain, suffering and isolation.

Commit to know your shame, look at it closely, name it well.

Know the stories that feed it, recognise the fast creating links,

and yes, embrace the messy sensations it carries in your body.

Share it with a trustworthy, empathic, caring, brave being,

someone who is able and willing to hold his or her own shame.

Not talked about it, shame develops similarly to an infestation.

It feeds on silence, secrecy of heartbreaks, betrayal and rejection.

Left unseen, it expands, it takes control over behaviors and choices.

It takes courage to be vulnerable, to be ready to dance with it gently.

it takes curiosity to learn about what controls your life, unconsciously.

It takes radical kindness to not fuse with it, but to see and choose yourself.

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