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To dance with life

To dance with life

When we talk about dance we assume it is only the millennial physical activity used culturally, spiritually and religiously for celebrations, community cohesion, productivity at work, rituals and cerimonies, entertainment, education and therapy. Dance has always been used “to get in touch” either with each other, some higher power or repressed emotions.

Some say life is a journey, but I rather see life as a dance. If life is a journey I don't want to arrive to the destination. If I do see it as a journey, I'll spend all my life chasing, running, doing... But if life is a dance, then I'll spend my life listening, feeling, sensing, and moving accordingly or even better being moved by it.

Do we dance to the “music” we wish was playing? What happens within us when we do that?

The value of dancing is irrefutable but my invitation here is for us to learn to notice how we truly "dance" life.

Ask yourself:

Do I resist when the music changes? How do I resist?

Do I refuse to dance believing I can’t dance?

Do I criticise myself for not having it all choreographed?

Do I compare myself to those dancing next to me?

Do I copy others and their moves? What happen when I do?

Do I insist that someone should dance with me? If they don’t how do I feel?

Do I wish I was the DJs and only pick the music I like?

What else can I notice in the way I choose to live my life?

What have I learned about how to dance life?

Many questions, one intention, to become aware on how we dance life.

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