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Too distracted to notice

Too distracted to notice,

The signs, the warnings, the news updates…

the wild horses just being wild back in the field

the girl that turned into an outstanding woman

the swifts being back, or had they never left?

Too distracted to notice…

the carefully prepared details of a master at work

the addiction on the beauty of the candy overdosing

the need for validation “approval for all audiences”.

the protection created by having life lived in boxes.

Too distracted by pink-coloured glasses to see

the compensation of the “I can” even against all odds

the need to overcome the pain by playing god

the old habitual impulses running on auto-pilot

or is it just the survival instinct of the elastic heart?

Too distracted to notice?

At a non verbal level the body knows before we do,

The initial strong certainty comes with all the secrets.

We embarque on this journey well aware of it all

Should we live on the look out for dramas in trilogy format?

Or are we better turned to find ways to show the light within?

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