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Rest! Even if just inward, drop the masks, the acts, the need to be liked, the search for something else, for more... drop everything! No, it will not leave you empty, but so fully whole. Yes, it is scary, it feels as uncertain as is. It is as unknown as being present is. No lines written, nothing memorized, just what is here now. Just you in this moment, noticing, seeing, sensing. Nothing to achieve, no agenda, no desirable outcome. Rest! Rest from all the learned ought to be, the musts, the shoulds. Rest knowing all masks are yours too, also present, also part of your story, something you picked up on your travels. Some are beautiful souvenirs, others learned survival mechanisms, either way, embrace it all as is, but rest from the burden of having it all run the show. Your life is not a show. Rest! You will still go on. Rest!

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