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Take full responsibility

Take full responsibility

Taking full responsibility can be tricky

but it is fundamental for a wholeness life.

Start where you are, acknowledge yourself fully.

See all the beauty, see all the scars, all the lessons.

Hear the voices, absorbed or not, they are present.

Feel your body, what’s in store, go deeper or not…

Take full responsibility for where you are right now.

From a place of kindness, curiosity and presence

Look back, accepting what is, be gentle but brutally honest.

What was it, in what way did you allow it or contribute for it?

No fault to be found, no blame, no shame, just noticing.

See it all, feel it all, accept it as part of your journey.

You are here, whole, you have everything in you already.

Take full responsibility not for any other reason, but YOU!

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