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No life is possible without it!

Reminding us all is connected.

Water goes where it so pleases.

Not much can hold her back!

Known for offering no resistance.

Water allows you to move through.

If not possible, go around.

Circulation is its second nature.

A constant invitation for reflection,

pure acceptance of life’s changes.

A meditative recognition of life itself.

Creative, playful and inspirational.

Transformation runs in its veins.

Liquid, solid or vapor, soft or hard...

Flexibility is its greatest power.

Ever ready, ever willing for renewal.

Its transparency is clarity’s mother

Historically used in cleansing rituals.

A sign of rebirth and purification.

Water’s vastness frees your senses.

Deep as the depth of the oceans.

Intuitive as the dream world can be.

Feminine in its fluidity and force.

Water is patient one drop at a time.

Its wisdom rests in its presence.

Its brilliance holds possibilities.

Its dreams open doors beyond.

Its vision goes straight to infinity.

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