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Asking and receiving help

Asking for help can be challenging for the kind heart’s identify.

Most of us have no problem offering and helping others.

It is the asking/receiving help that creates some friction within.

We've learn that needing makes us vulnerable, weak, less than.

We too live life's natural cycles, inhale and exhale, the yin and yang.

We know that vulnerability is what actually brings us to our true power.

Let’s play with this polarity, and allow the dance to blend slowly.

Let’s be really kind, and give and receive ourselves the love we give others.

Let’s be in our bodies and see our vulnerable side as a part of a whole.

We are still kind if we are as kind to ourselves (and receive) as we are giving.

We are as worthy as anyone else, it's the same right to ask and receive help.

We are even stronger when we accept ourselves whole and fully humans.

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