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Is this being selfish?

Is this being selfish?

Selfish for me is someone that is self-serving, concerned with self profit or pleasure, lacking consideration for others. There’s a clear line between selfish and Self-full. I defend the importance of being Self-Full, being comfortable in your own skin, knowing yourself and your value, being conscious of your flaws while being in full acceptance of yourself as a whole. I like this self-full perspective and often use it to convey what I mean when I invite people to turn to themselves and love and accept themselves. If we are fully comfortable with who we are, our energy is not wasted in masks, hiding our flaws and pretending. Our useful energy is turned to show and give what’s unique and special about us so we can be creative and gift others and the world.

So, what would make someone selfish instead of self-full?

I caught myself feeling very selfish recently. I practice these tolls and lost track of the clear line. I know my worth, I can add value, and contribute to enrich people’s lives. BUT, only when and if others accept and want what I have to offer. If not, what I have becomes heavy, a burden! It took me a while to get there, I shamefully confess. I kept thinking I wasn’t being clear, that I wasn’t conveying the message and the advantages well enough. I was so focused on how beautiful and unique the possibilites were, how amazing the outcome could turnout, I know it is possible and easy, so easy. This was what made me lose track of what the other person was telling me. Actually, I was hearing both sides, I was hearing the person wanted this amazing outcome, but also, loud and clear that the person didn’t believe it or was capable of making it happen. Finally I saw it. Thank goodness for time. Now, I leave you the question, was I being selfish? I see this a lot, people wanting so much to give what they have, that they ignore completly where the other person is.

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