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How to respect...

How to respect when values are different, maybe even for the same reasons...

what you see can never be seen by another. Your perspective is based on your specific set of experiences, limited by your field of vision. Your truth can never be the truth but what your circumstances make of it. This cannot be shared even when talked about it, shown in pictures or in writing. When you respect, you are not respecting what you see, what you are told, or shared, the other or the facts. You respect because you respect for respect's sake. Even when you don’t understand, even when you know and feel otherwise, even when behaviours say it differently, you still respect because you choose to. Ultimately, you are only respecting you. If you value respect, respect anyway, not because you agree or like it, not because it is true, but because you want to respect the other, the other’s choices, circumstances, the other’s set of beliefs, fears, dreams, wishes, illusions... respect for respect sake if that is what you value.

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