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Life's gifts

Life’s gifts

Most often the presents we receive are not what we want.

What makes a present the best ever? Simply put, what makes it the best present is the meaning we give it, and of course, how this meaning makes us feel. Often we feel incapable of gifting ourselves the best. Most of the times we can’t tell or know what makes our heart sing. We feel silly for not knowing, but we don’t have to know what we want or what we need. The best presents are our heart’s wishes, and these are ours alone to fulfil.

The meaning is never on the thing itself. Different people can give you the exact same object and for one you’ll give it a meaning and for the same thing, given by someone else, you’ll give it a completely different meaning. This proves that the best present ever is in your own hands to gift yourself by the meaning you give to what you receive. Just claim this and give yourself the best you can with what life gives you.

Sometimes, the simplest things, become our hearts desires. When life doesn’t give it to us, we feel sad. Just remember, either you like it or not, pay attention to the meaning you are giving it. Ask yourself, is what you are receiving real? Is this a true reflexion of the situation? Either way, what is being given to you is what is true at this moment. The best present have no form, cannot be touched, but comes from the way you receive it. Make it the best you can possibly make.

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