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2017 you are a hard one to define, you were not an easy wave to ride…

you were definitely forgiving when I was not at my best, when I messed it up and I wasn’t able to be present with myself fully. This for me shows acceptance, and you accepted me even when I fell down and whatever craziness arose as I tried so hard to follow your lead. Acceptance means a great deal for me. Knowing myself has always been my quest, and you allowed me to know parts of me that I never imagined possible. Your expansiveness, forced me to get back and own my power, to remember the importance of this dance that life is. All I needed was to turn inwards and breath deeper. No matter how exciting or how painful it all is, with every drop of you, I opened my heart even when I defended myself and withdrew, you made me notice that was only because my heart had opened up. Your constante movement, your aliveness, was the very thing that kept pushing me, to connect with my truth. What an abundant gift you are, and gratitude seems not enough to honor you. Over and over again, because of your vastness and nature, you showed me LOVE, you showed me how each minute of this life is to be celebrated fully. It wouldn’t be whole, human, real, without touching fear, how can we connect with everything without fearing loosing it all, without the sense of lack, when it changes and goes away. On a physical linear sense, time is there teasing us with its scarcity all the time. Always bringing the sounding alarm clock to a reality check. Time to wake up! No wave lasts forever, every living organism in this planet has to die. Death is the ultimate measure, making us question what everything is worth. Death is the necessary evil. Where do waves go when they die? Each wave goes back to its ocean. I guess that can be called liberation of this limited form of expression, the freedom to be united again. Thank you 2017 what a ride.

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