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Special days

Special days, what about all other days? What do we do with those? Can we make it special everyday, every moment, just because when we are, we are, we are ourselves fully and whole? I say, what I can't keep up, I shouldn't try it for a day. But that's me. I like to celebrate and I do, I celebrate this breath I take, this feeling alive, this being here. I celebrate so much everyday! I celebrate my tears, my doubts, my sadness and my fears. I celebrate love and I celebrate my inability to live it fully. Today, I think of all those who can't truly celebrate, who for one reason or another aren't feeling it, can't make themselves to fake it or make it in any other way than the way they feel it now. I also think of those who love this day, who put all their hopes and wishes in one single day, in the way they dream and feel it so deeply, so beautifully high. I love your highs and I love your lows. Happy today!  

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