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When you touch LOVE

When you touch LOVE

How different everything becomes…

When you touch LOVE, you expand,

you grow out of what does no longer serves you.

you see what is yours and was never seen before,

you realize how unbelivable light you are.

When you touch LOVE, you connect,

even if just remotely, by way of thought or imagination.

you feel what is not possible to be explained by words,

you sense life in ways that sensations aren’t made for,

you hear information that your mind can’t begin to grasp.

When you touch LOVE, you open inside,

no matter how hard you tried to protect yourself.

you mutate the old defence mechanisms,

you transmute old stories and unnecessary images ,

you alter the fixed by time into pure lightness.

When you touch LOVE, you remember,

even if you had never dared to go there before.

you recollect the very best of your being,

you (re)membered, reconnect your lost parts,

You recall the deepest of your essence.

When you touch LOVE

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