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Suicide is rarely about death...

It is about pain, unbearable pain.

It is about our inability to stay with what we don't know how to.

It is our own incapacity to see the pain that is eating us alive.

It is not about wanting to end one's life.

It is not a cry for attention or help.

It is not a disease, lack of faith, or weakness.

Collectively, we need to take responsibility!

Do we value the fairy tale, everything should be well all the time?

Do we carry our glued-in "all is well" mask, held together by addictions and distractions?

Do we openly acknowledge struggles as much as we value success?

Suicide is not about death...

It is the very opposite, it is life looking for its own existence.

It is about wanting so much to be truly alive that holding a mask is too hard.

It is about needing permission to feel fully.

Let us live here, with pain and pleasure, with laughter and tears, with joy and sadness.

Let us start by accepting life so fully that we run away from no emotions.

Let us stay kind and true to what is real in this moment and see beyond, even the unconscious collective meanings, that do not reflect our true nature.

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