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Acceptance, nothing to do!

Acceptance, sometimes it is difficult to explain, not because we can't get it, but because we hold up the illusion that it should be different. Acceptance is easy really, all it takes is the willingness to just see what's there, notice it, acknowledge it, recognize its presence. Acceptance can mean that we might have wishes, hopes and dreams and at the end of the day, we just never know. Acceptance is knowing your story, as part of your unchanged history, and even this past changes with the way you re-live it today. Acceptance is seeing that right here, right now you have this body that has a universe of sensations, a mind so ready to give it all a meaning and feelings beyond your ability to comprehend.

Acceptance doesn't require an action, there's nothing to do in order for us to accept, it's just the name we call what is here already. There's nothing to do!

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