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Let’s just agree to disagree

Perception is not the same as knowing

As much as we believe what we see is real.

We only experience the world through our perceptions.

Having many people perceive the same doesn’t make it real.

Socially, we have been conditioned by collective experiencing.

We perceive the world through our senses, we don’t know the world.

just like temperature cannot determine if it is cold or hot

A measurement gives us a common ground, it facilitates communication

the way you experience temperature and everything else is individual to you.

30 degrees, to one person, can be unbearable, and to another just perfect.

Which one is real and true? Let’s just agree to disagree

Let’s relate to each other knowing this simple fact, we perceive we do not know.

This way we can genuinely be curious of how the other experiences the world,

as opposed to assuming we know how he should perceive the world or feel about it.

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