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It feels unsafe to open my heart, threats are everywhere.

My body knows the pain of being open and trusting,

It can lead to abuse, ridicule, isolation.

Opening my heart feels like an invitation to death.

Every time I open up I see more of what’s not perfect in me

Hidden insecurities, that didn’t matter before, explode.

How can I open my heart again without guarantees?

It feels unwise, unsafe, insane even…

There’s a history registered at a deeper level and it knows pain.

Is it worth the risk? It takes courage to be insecure, vulnerable

Being brave is seen as being impenetrably strong, I learned that.

Being insecure, knowing there’s no guarantees, opening my heart is who I AM.

Vulnerability is nothing but the realisation of my wholeness

It is not safe to be human and when I embrace how unsafe that is

when I accept this feeling, this truth, I am free.

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