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Mind and Heart Conversation

  • What does to open your heart mean? The mind asks

  • It means to be free, to be one with all! the heart replies

  • But isn't that dangerous?

  • Of course not. To love is my nature just like your's to think. is that dangerous?

  • To love always leads to suffering, haven't you learned your lesson?

  • I have! and what I've learned is that the more I do what I'm suppose to do the more complete I see we are, the more we are able to exist at the level we know possible.

  • But, but last time you opened up it was so painful...

  • Think with me, reasons the heart, what was painful was your projections, your daydreaming, your imagining a future that is different from what is being felt now, that causes suffering. You hurt us, not me. The heart argues intelligently.

  • uhh, but it's hard not to. It’s my job to figure out how to learn and make the good things last, fix things, I have to make sure we grow and improve and be safe. That is my job! You should help me accomplish this and stay still, well, just keep us alive.

  • You can still keep us safe and we can grow and learn perhaps even more when I’m opened. you are the one causing suffering by wanting and changing our experience, it hurts because you judge it wrong or dangerous. Without it, you would see that opening the heart, regardless if we have what we want or not, is just a sign that we are alive, so alive. We want to feel alive, right?

  • So, when you open up and the euphoria raises what am I suppose to do?

  • Be curious about what’s present, know it well, allow yourself to experience it too, without a future, without our past history, just here, just this feeling, don’t start your usual daydreaming… and please don’t invite the body to act each single time!

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