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Perception is leaving behind

We are all alone, so alone.

We feel unseen and unvalued,

misunderstood and disconnected,

Separate, other!

We have never been this connected

We have never communicated this much, so readily.

Yet, we've never felt this alone.

Society punishes unlawful behavior with isolation

Isolation is perceived as the worst thing that can happen to humans.

But, what is perception leaving behind?

One side for sure, the other side,

If we are alone in our bodies, if we are separate, the other

Aren't we ignoring the other parts, missing the Whole?

Even as we feel the sensations of being alone, can we also

Step back and look closer, turn inside, walk towards your isolation?

Be curious of what it is made of, the feeling this is

For millennia, isolation has been used by those who seek to see beyond,

Isolation can awaken our being.

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