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Be bold for change is the theme for International Women's Day for 2017

Be Bold for Change! What does this invitation mean to each and everyone of us?

Be bold for change and challenge the bias of inequality in your family and community.

Be bold for change and speak out, raise awareness on issues of violence.

Be bold for change and forge women's advancement.

Be bold for change has many ways one can work to create a more inclusive, equitable and safe world for all.

It all starts here, with me, right now. Just ask yourself.

How am I being bold for change?

What is the smallest step I can take today?

What pledge can I take that will allow me to BE who and what I already know is best.

How can I make the smallest contribution to the world in a way that it can create some visible real difference?

What is the one thing (perspective/idea/habit/behavior) I can truly commit to change in myself and speak about it to invite others to do the same?

Be bold for change! If not for you, for the women and men of the next generation.

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