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Do you remember how you felt when you first heard the word accept?

Multiple questions and answers emerging: How do I do this?

You wanted an universal law, a spreadsheet with very concrete and sure steps. A magic formula or maybe an equation that solved the problem once and for all.

But that did not happen and so the feeling continued that you would never be able to accept, to accept a constant change, to accept the facts that inevitably happen in life.

And a struggle got stronger every day and with it an increasing will to flight, the will to cease to feel, the will to simply cease to exist.

Your despair increased and the more you fought, the further from yourself you became .

Until you started allowing yourself to feel, little by little, slowly, afraid, and curiously.

You started to hug yourself, treat yourself with kindness, love yourself.

You began to trust what you feel, to observe, to listen with the utmost respect for yourself, and every voice.

You began to try to understand every message, every request each voice brings.

So acceptance became a practice.

You won't be able to listen to yourself everyday. There will be moments when it seems that nothing will make sense again, that you do not know how to deal with such deep intense feelings or facts. But this is the dance of life!

And if today is one of those days, I beg you to stop. Take a deep breath and feel. Only feel. Let everything be felt, may all the images, all the fears, all the pain be reflected now. Do not think how things should have been different, do not judge yourself that way.

No, you will not change the facts.

No, you will not fix anything as there is nothing broken!

Do not remove yourself from living this moment now. It's alright even when not everything is pleasant.

Allow that voice, that low and softly speaking voice, that emits a sweet and brilliant light, command your being. She is your best friend, she will know how to guide you.

To accept is to feel a song that runs through the body in each breath, which vibrates in every heartbeat.

Acceptance is just being yourself, it's just the permission to be the wholeness so vast and beautiful that you are.

Acceptance is not a doing, it's being everything.

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